Super Mid Size Jet Options

Super Mid Size Jets give you the ability to fly to new places. These Aircraft are able to help you comfortably get to your next destination. When upgrading to this size, the amenities are also bolstered including enhanced entertainment, full sized galley, and decorative lavatories. There may also be a basic workstation or sleeping area.

Aircraft: Citation X
Passengers: 8
Max Speed: 604 mph
Max Range: 3126 nm
Cruise Altitude: 51,000 ft
Cabin Height: 5ft 7in
Years MFG: 1982-1999

Aircraft: Falcon 50
Passengers: 9
Max Speed: 552 mph
Max Range: 3445 nm
Cruise Altitude: 45,000 ft
Cabin Height: 5ft 8in
Years MFG: 1982-1999

Aircraft: Gulfstream 200
Passengers: 8
Max Speed: 541 mph
Max Range: 4000 nm
Cruise Altitude: 41,000 ft
Cabin Height: 6ft 3in
Years MFG: 1982-1999

Aircraft: Challenger 300
Passengers: 8
Max Speed: 470 mph
Max Range: 2665 nm
Cruise Altitude: 37,000ft
Cabin Height: 6ft
Years MFG: 1982-1999

Aircraft: Citation Sov.
Passengers: 9
Max Speed: 459 mph
Max Range: 2279 nm
Cruise Altitude: 47,000ft
Cabin Height: 5ft
Years MFG: 2004-Current

Aircraft: Challenger 350
Passengers: 13
Max Speed: 528 mph
Max Range: 3200 nm
Cruise Altitude: 45,000ft
Cabin Height: 6ft 1in
Years MFG: 2004-Current

What is your favorite size aircraft?

Light Jet

"I love the convenience of a small jet."

Mid Size Jets

"I rely on the versatility of a mid-size jet."

Super Mid Size Jets

"I need the exanded room, range, and capabilties of a super mid-size jet."

Heavy Jets

"My travels take me worldwide, I need the best."

Long Range Jets

"I fly a lot, it is quite important that I get where I need quickly and well rested."

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