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Sky Routes Jet Card

An Intelligent Jet Card

The GiveJet “Sky Routes” Jet Card is the industry’s only Jet Card that offers smart pricing. Cardholders enjoy the ease and efficiency of purchasing their jet travel in hourly increments. Fractional and jet owners will appreciate the ability to call on their Sky Routes enrollment to either replace or supplement their current program. Unlike other providers, Sky Routes participants are never locked into an aircraft size or jet model. There are no additional fees for upgrading or downgrading from your main category. Simply book at the published hourly rate for the size and age category.

With as little as 10 hours of notice, your Sky Routes representative will have a jet ready for departure from your location of choice to anywhere in the world. Our 24/7 team will ensure that every aspect of your flight is planned and executed with precision. Compare us to the leading national jet card programs such as NetJets Cost, Marquis Jets, Sentient Jet and Delta Private Jets.

-Mathew Carter (Sky Routes Client)


Receive up to 5 free bonus hours with every 25 hour card purchase
No Black out dates
No expiration date
3rd Party Safety Audits
Discount on Round Trip flights
Guaranteed Rates
Guaranteed availability
Proprietary ©Risk Assessment Matrix ran for each trip
No Reposition Fees
Same aircraft make and model used by leading fractional and jet card companies

Choose Your Card Options

Light Jets

Convenience in a smart package

Mid-Size Jets

Flexible and comfortable for any flight

Super-Mid Jets

Increasing the comfort of every flight

Heavy Jets

Comfort, Speed, Range and Luxury

The Sky Routes System

Each flight is operated by a member of our hand-picked, nation-wide network of top tier aircraft operators, who operate meticulously maintained aircraft with the highest trained crew. Only the best will do for our clients. This is why we add several additional layers of safety to protect your family, employees and clients.

Safety Regulated- All Sky Routes Independent Operators are FAA certified under FAR Part 135 regulations and are continuously scrutinized to meet the Federal government’s safety and regulatory requirements.

Elevating Safety- All crew and aircraft undergo a periodic third party auditing process either through ARG/US or Wyvern Ltd.

Going beyond- Each flight is analyzed by GiveJet’s operational team against a proprietary system we call the ©Risk Assessment Matrix. The ©Risk Assessment Matrix was developed based on military safety management processes. A complex scoring system assigns a risk factor to each flight. If the risk factor approaches a pre-set threshold, contingency plans are deployed in order to bring the flight back into acceptable operational range.


ADDRESS : 729 Executive Dr. Suite 200. Winter Park, Florida 32789
Phone Number: 1-888-544-8353

How does Sky Routes match up to the competition?

We pitted Sky Routes against NetJets - Marquis Jets, Delta Private, and other brokering firms in our Jet Card Comparison. The comparision included prices, black-out dates, and other crucial information. See who comes out on top!

Compare Benefits

Compare the difference between Sky Routes black out dates (NONE!) and the black out dates with other cards which can be over 10% of the year!

Compare Prices

We showed the upfront costs as well as the long term costs involved with the use of these Jet Cards. See the monetary benefit associated with Sky Routes.

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*Contact your representative for program details.

GiveJet LLC does not own or operate aircraft. All charter flights arranged by GiveJet LLC are Operated by separate and independent FAA Part 135 Air Taxi Operators