Jet Card Comparision

Not every jet card is equal.

There are many differrent ways to analyze these companies and many differrent factors to consider. This is relative to what each client finds as the crucial part of the service to them. We have picked out some of the most important factors to consider and have highlighted them for your use.

For many clients, accessibility is one of the most important factors. To meet this, companies try to loosen the restrictions on what aircraft you can or cannot use with your account. GiveJet's Sky Routes program is proud to allow total customization with every trip.

For another type of client, convenience rules the day when it comes to important services. This is shown through rapid flight preparation and year round rate. GiveJet is able to offer some of the most competitive flight preparation times in addition to having no blackout dates.

Another often discussed point of contention is the value of the service. For many, this is the most important feature and is measured by getting the highest quality aircraft at the most affordable rates. Sky Routes is by many measures the best choice for value. The program offers the same aircraft as the US Fractional Fleet with the added benefit of supreme affordability.

How does Sky Routes match up to the competition?

We pitted Sky Routes against NetJets - Marquis Jets, Delta Private, and other brokering firms in our Jet Card Comparison. The comparision included prices, black-out dates, and other crucial information. See who comes out on top!

Compare Benefits

Compare the difference between Sky Routes black out dates (NONE!) and the black out dates with other cards which can be over 10% of the year!

Compare Prices

We showed the upfront costs as well as the long term costs involved with the use of these Jet Cards. See the monetary benefit associated with Sky Routes.

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