Jet Charter Rewards

The GiveJet company is based on our rewards and our philanthropy. We believe that part of giving back to the community begins with giving back to our customers. Our rewards system allows us to provide you with exclusive benefits covering everything from executive in flight dining to completely free flights. Enjoy the rewards of flying with us.

How Fly Free Reward Points Function

Use our convenient calculator located on the left side of the page to discover how many points you will earn. Points are calculated based on the distance of the trip, the type of trip, and the size of the Aircraft! When inputting your flights, put in the length of travel including both directions if it is a round trip. When you use your points, your charity of choice will also receive a donation based on the amount of points you used. That donation can be calculated here

Earn Double Points on all One Way Flights!

Executive Catering

Required Reward Points

40 Points

Per Passenger

Limo Transfer

Required Reward Points

60 Points

For 3 Passengers

90 Points

For 8 Passengers

Cabin Upgrade

Required Reward Points per Flight Hour

Upgrades From: Light Jet Mid Size Super Mid Heavy
Mid Size 240 - - -
Super Mid 480 240 - -
Heavy Jet 640 400 120 -
Super Heavy 1180 1000 720 600

Flight Discounts By Hour

300 Points

Free Turbo-Prop Hour

500 Points

Free Light Jet Hour

700 Points

Free Mid-Size Hour

900 Points

Free Super-Mid Hour

1100 Points

Free Heavy Jet Hour

1800 Points

Free Super-Heavy Hour

Pay for Flights using Points

Trip Length (NM) Light Jet Point Cost Mid Size Point Cost Heavy Jet Point Cost
Up to 500 1200 1400 2600
Up to 1000 2100 3000 5000
Up to 1500 3000 3800 6200
Up to 2000 3600 4600 7400
Up to 2500 4400 5400 8400
Up to 3000 5200 6400 10000
Up to 3500 6000 7200 114000
Up to 4000 6800 8200 13000

*Points expire One Year from the last date of the corresponding trip. Number of points required for free flights, cabin upgrades or limo transfers are subject to change at any time and without notice. Free flight, cabin upgrade and limo transfers are subject to availability. Required points for a Free Flight are based on one day trips. Additional days may require additional points. Cabin upgrades only apply to domestic trips with a minimum 2 hour flight time on at least one segment. Total trip distance for free flight redemption is calculated based on the distance from the departure point to the destination and back to the departure point regardless of whether client is flying one way or round-trip. Rewards cannot be partially redeemed. All rewards are based on Domestic flights within the lower 48 states. International flights are calculated using a different point schedule, see your account manager for more information. Restrictions to Fly Free Reward Points apply and are subject to change at anytime. Fly Free Rewards points apply to trips worldwide. Monetary value of reward points for calculation of flight discounts are based on market rates as determined by GiveJet, LLC at time of point redemption. Value of Flight Discounts will be taken off the final invoice amount and cannot be used as cash to pay for the trip. Fly Free Reward points are issued after the trip is complete and all accounts are settled.

**One way bonus multiplier applies only to jet aircraft domestic flights originating and arriving within the following states: New York, Florida, Texas, Illinois, California, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Certain other locations including but not limited to international cities such as Toronto, Cabo San Lucas, and Nassau may be available for one way bonus multiplier. Contact your account manager for more information. For the purpose of the one way bonus multiplier, one way flights are defined as: Any trip itinerary that involves uninterrupted flight that originates and terminates at locations that are greater than 700 miles apart within the states designated above.