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Airport CodeAirportCity
ASYAshley muniAshley
BISBismarck muniBismarck
D09Bottineau muniBottineau
5B4Bowbells muniBowbells
BPPBowman muniBowman
9D7Cando muniCando
46DCarrington muniCarrington
5N8Casselton robert miller rgnlCasselton
2C8Cavalier muniCavalier
D49Columbus muniColumbus
S32Cooperstown muniCooperstown
D50Crosby muniCrosby
DVLDevils lake rgnlDevils lake
DIKDickinson - theodore roosevelt rgnlDickinson
D29Drayton muniDrayton
S28Intl peace gardenDunseith
51DEdgeley muniEdgeley
Y71Elgin muniElgin
5N4Sky havenEnderlin
FARHector intlFargo
D54West fargo muniFargo
D24Fessenden muniFessenden
Y27Standing rockFort yates
9G9Gackle muniGackle
D05Garrison muniGarrison
D57Glen ullin rgnlGlen ullin
GAFHutson fieldGrafton
GFKGrand forks intlGrand forks
7N6Grenora centennialGrenora
GWRGwinner-roger melroe fieldGwinner
5H4Harvey muniHarvey
6H8Hazelton muniHazelton
HZEMercer county rgnlHazen
HEIHettinger muniHettinger
3H4Hillsboro muniHillsboro
JMSJamestown rgnlJamestown
7K5Kenmare muniKenmare
9Y1Weydahl fieldKilldeer
K74Hamry fieldKindred
5K9Pruetz muniKulm
4F9La moure rott muniLa moure
5L0Lakota muniLakota
D55Robertson fieldLangdon
2L1Larimore muniLarimore
D31Leeds muniLeeds
4N4Lidgerwood muniLidgerwood
7L2Linton muniLinton
6L3Lisbon muniLisbon
6D3Maddock muniMaddock
Y19Mandan muniMandan
D56Mayville muniMayville
7G2Mc clusky muniMc clusky
8M6Mc ville muniMc ville
4R6Milnor muniMilnor
MOTMinot intlMinot
D06Minto muniMinto
HBCMohall muniMohall
3P3Mott muniMott
5B5Napoleon muniNapoleon
8J7Tomlinson fieldNew rockford
05DNew town muniNew town
4V4Northwood muni-vince fieldNorthwood
2D5Oakes muniOakes
64GPage rgnlPage
Y37Park river - w c skjerven fieldPark river
PMBPembina muniPembina
Y99Trulson fieldPlaza
37NGarrison dam recreational airparkRiverdale
06DRolla muniRolla
RUGRugby muniRugby
4S5St thomas muniSt thomas
08DStanley muniStanley
D60Tioga muniTioga
D61Towner muniTowner
91NTurtle lake muniTurtle lake
6D8Barnes county muniValley city
BWPHarry sternWahpeton
96DWalhalla muniWalhalla
5C8Washburn muniWashburn
S25Watford city muniWatford city
D64Westhope muniWesthope
ISNSloulin fld intlWilliston
6L5Wishek muniWishek