Best Tampa Bay Aircraft: Citation CJ1

Citation CJ1

Citation CJ1 Interior
Citation CJ1 Floor Plan

Improving what isn't Broken

Contrary to the name, the Citation CJ1 is actually the second generation of the CitationJet series. The Citation CJ1 improves on the original CitationJet in regard to economy and performance. One of its key features is the laminar flow wing, a product of a joint venture between Cessna and NASA that resulted in improved lift-to-drag.

The Citation CJ1 also has improved fuel efficiency, despite reusing the original's Williams/Rolls-Royce FJ44-1A turbofans. It also has improved avionics and takeoff weight.

This particular Citation CJ1 comes with a CD player, an enclosed lavatory, Freon air conditioning and leather seats. Pets are also allowed onboard.

Continuing Tradition

The Citation CJ1 continues Cessna's tradition of simplicity and efficiency. It is easy to fly, even with a single pilot, thanks to its Pro Line 21 avionics. This allows for greater flexibility and reduced operating costs.

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Flight Times From Tampa Bay

2 Hours 20 Minutes

3 Hours 30 Minutes

1 Hour 55 Minutes

57 Minutes

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