Best San Francisco Aircraft: Pilatus PC-12/47

Pilatus PC-12/47

Pilatus PC-12/47 Interior

Special Performance

The PC-12/47 is a major improvement over Pilatus's original PC-12. Fitted with a Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67B engine, it can reach up to 322 mph.

The PC-12 was originally developed to serve a unique niche: a single-engine aircraft built for large hauls over long distances. That's why the PC-12/47 can travel up to 1,635 nautical miles. It also has an improved climb speed and a cursor-controlled system.

The PC-12 also has several features, including a fully enclosed lavatory, power outet, leather seating, Freon air conditioning and pets are allowed onboard.

The PC-12/47's design makes it a great choice for chartering a moderate number of passengers to and from San Francisco.

Switching Gears

Historically, Pilatus's aircraft have been designed for military use. However, the PC-12 is actually the first aircraft desgined by Pilatus directly for the civilian market. Nonetheless, this airplane still sees use in the military. The PC-12 has been used by special forces under the designation U-28A, including the 319th Special Operations Squadron.

At a Glance





Cargo Capable:

Manufacturing Year:

Turbo prop






Flight Times From San Francisco

1 Hours 42 Minutes

3 Hours 12 Minutes

7 Hours

8 Hours

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