Best San Francisco Aircraft: Gulfstream G-IV

Gulfstream G-IV

Gulfstream G-IV Interior
Gulfstream G-IV Floor Plan

Flying Long Range

The Gulfstream G-IV is an ideal heavy range jet for chartering to and from San Francisco. Its twin Rolls-Royce engines give it a max speed of 548 mph.

Derived from the Gulfstream III, the Gulfstream G-IV has increased range and lower cruise drag, thanks to modifications in the wing contour and structure.

This Gulfstream G-IV comes with a number of amenities. It has a 110V outlet, a DVD player, enclosed lavatory, flight phone, Freon air conditioning, headsets.

Feeling hungry? The Gulfstream G-IV includes a variety of cooking amenties, including a full galley, convection oven, dishware, flatware, glassware, a kitchen sink, a microwave oven, an Espresso machine, a skillet or brunch pan, warming oven, coffee pot, toaster oven, slot oven and an ice bin.

Also, pets are allowed onboard.

One Big Family

The Gulfstream G-IV, based in KOAK, has multiple variants. One such variant is used by the US Department of Defense, designated the C-20F/G/H/J Gulfstream IV. The C-20F, C-20H and C-20J are used for command/executive transport, while the C-20G is used for personnel or cargo transport or a combination of the two.

At a Glance





Cargo Capable:

Manufacturing Year:

Interior Refurbished:

Exterior Refurbished:



Heavy jet








250,000,000 USD

7,748 h

Flight Times From San Francisco

4 Hours 48 Minutes

4 Hours 28 Minutes

2 Hours 47 Minutes

3 Hours 53 Minutes

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