Best San Francisco Aircraft: Gulfstream G150

Gulfstream G150

Gulfstream G150 Interior
Gulfstream G150 Floor Plan

Move With Ease

The Gulfstream G150 delivers sporty performance, excellent handling qualities and unsurpassed avionics capabilities in this class of business aircraft. Its range, speed and systems capabilities are on a par with far more expensive large-cabin aircraft, placing it at the top of its class.

This jet comes with a large variety of amenities, including a 110V outlet, AirShow, DVD player, CD player, an enclosed lavatory with sink, a flight phone, leather seats, satellite radio and satellite-based Wi-Fi.

This Gulfstream G150 also has you covered with food-related matters with a full galley, an ice bin and a microwave oven.

In short, the Gulfstream G150 is a great choice for midsize jet charters to and from San Francisco.

A Long History of Production

The Gulfstream G150 has been manufactured for 12 years, from 2005 to 2017. It was designed to be an improvement from the G100, featuring a larger cabin. There are almost 120 Gulfstream G150 jets in operation.

With a cruise speed of 880 km/h, the Gulfstream G150 can reach Dallas in just above 3 hours.

At a Glance





Cargo Capable:

Manufacturing Year:


Midsize jet






300,000,000 USD

Flight Times From San Francisco

4 Hours 59 Minutes

4 Hours 46 Minutes

3 Hours 4 Minutes

4 Hours 11 Minutes

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