Best San Diego Aircraft: Citation X

Citation X Exterior

Citation X Interior

Ultimate Performance

The Citation X is famous for being the world’s fastest civil aircraft, topping out at a blistering 700mph. Excellent for any distance trip, as it has an impressive range of 3000 nautical miles. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a long-haul-only jet by its impressive speed and distance performance; this aircraft is also designed for efficiency, making it an optimal choice for any route, near or far.

Featuring complimentary WiFi, 110AC outlets, seat monitors, a coffee station, refreshment center, comfortable leather seats, a spacious cabin, and fully enclosed rear lavatory, the aircraft is perfectly suited for conducting any kind of business, as well as relaxation or entertainment. This aircraft will allow you and up to 7 others reach your destination faster than any other, all while in perfect luxury.

Locally Based Aviation

This Citation X is based out of San Diego's EAS Charter. EAS Charter at OPF is prepared to handle dozens of private flights at a time and offers a variety of services to accomadate each of the many clients who fly through this airport. GiveJet and other aviation safety agencies have screened their security and safety processes and has found them to be superior to the average FBO. Flying with GiveJet ensures that every flight undergoes our safety matrix and protects you and your family/executive team from accidents or delays.

At a Glance




Total Baggage Capacity:

Cabin Height:

Runway Needed:

Max Altitude:



4334 nm

700 MPH


72 cu. ft.

5 ft. 7 in.

-8030 ft

51000 ft.


-Partial with Snacks

Flight Times From San Diego

3 Hours

2.5 Hours

2 hours

5 Hours

Word from our founder:

  • "Chartering an aircraft is the most convenient way to travel. You do not deal with security, there is no waiting, and the service is unparalleled. GiveJet allows you to receive this caliber of service without bank-breaking commitments."
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