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Citation Latitude

Citation Latitude Interior

Always Room for Improvement

Cessna's Citation Latitude is the successor to the Citation Sovereign. Manufactured in 2015, it reuses the Soveriegn's wing design, cruciform tail and two Pratt & Whitney PW306D engines, while the fuselag has been overhauled to have a flat floor, making it the first jet of its class to have this feature. The Citation Latitude is able to reach speeds up to 513 mph.

Building on Tradition

The Citation Latitude continues Cessna's track record of successes by reusing the best attributes of past jets, while making improvements wherever possible, such as with avionics and cabin design. This jet became so popular that it has been sold to its 100th customer only just over two years after it was first manufactured. It is also the most-delivered midsize jet in the world for 2016.

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100,000,000 USD

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