Best Palm Beach Aircraft: Global 6000

Global 6000

Global 6000 Interior
Global 6000 Floor Plan

Built on the Shoulders of Giants

The Bombardier Global 6000 has been referred to by Business Insider as "the Canadian planemaker's flagship large long-range business jet." It is a major improvement over the original Global Express model, with improved avionics and cabin layout and lighting.

This Global 6000 comes with several features, including 110V outlets, AirShow, CD player, DVD player with television, a fax machine, an enclosed lavatory, DataPort, dishware, a coffee pot, comfortable leather seating, Freon air conditioning, glasware, an ice bin, satellite phone and ground-based Wi-Fi.

A Multipurpose Plane

The Global 6000 has also seen use for civilian and mlitary puroposes in several governments. The USAF uses four Global 6000 jets designated E-11A. These jets have been fitted with Battlefield Airborne Communications Nodes, enabling for real-time data transmission throughout the network.

At a Glance





Cargo Capable:


Manufacturing Year:

Ultra long range





300,000,000 USD


Flight Times From Palm Beach

57 Minutes

3 Hours

1.5 Hours

3.75 Hours

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