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Citation X

Citation X Interior
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X Marks the Spot

The Citation X is a super midsize jet takes up the torch from Cessna's Citation 650 series. In addition to wings, tail, tail cone and gear made completely from scratch, it also features a spacious 24-foot long cabin and is capable of climbing at a rate of 3,650 fpm

In 2018, this Citation X has undergone a refurbish. It now sports 110V outlets, a coffee pot, dishware, flatware, a DVD player, an enclosed lavatory, a ice bin, leather seats, linens, ski tube and ground-based Wi-Fi.

A Tradition of Simplicity

Like the other Citation jets, the Citation X is known for simplicity. The cockpit has easy-to-use controls. The Citation X also has simplified wing-fuselage connections, made possible by a one-piece wing slung below the fuselage and an area-ruled fuselage.

In 2009, Cessna began producing Citation X jets with epoxy/graphite elliptical winglets. This modification reduced the time it takes to climb to flight level 430 from 26 minutes to 22.

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Super midsize jet








150,000,000 USD

Flight Times From New York

2 Hours

2 Hours 20 Minutes

1 Hour 35 Minutes

3 Hours 10 Minutes

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