Best New Haven Aircraft: Citation Sovereign+

Citation Sovereign+

Citation Sovereign+ Interior
Citation Sovereign+ Floor Plan

New and Improved

The Cessna Citation Sovereign+ is a major improvement over the original Citation Sovereign. This jet includes PW306D engines that can reach a top speed of almost 530 mph, the addition of winglets for decreased drag and improved maximum range, and Garmin G5000 avionics. It can make a trip from New Haven to Washington DC in just over half an hour.

This Citation Sovereign+ comes with a multitude of features. It has 110V outlets, AirShow, a CD player, DVD player an enclosed lavatory, headsets, and ground-based Wi-Fi.

This jet also has much in the way of dining. It has a coffee pot, a partial galley and a microwave oven.

Worthy of Praise

The Citation Sovereign+ is one of the more spacious super midsize jets GiveJet jas to offer. Plus its winglets allow for better short field performance. The original Citation Soverign has been awarded the Robb Report "Best of the Best" award seven times in a row, and the Sovereign+ builds on that success with a new cabin management system, improved avionics and engines and holds more fuel than its predecessor.

At a Glance





Cargo Capable:


Manufacturing Year:

Interior Refurbished:

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Super midsize jet





200,000,000 USD




Flight Times From New Haven

1.5 Hours

3 Hours

31 Minutes

2 Hours

Word from our founder:

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