Best New Haven Aircraft: Citation CJ3

Citation CJ3

Citation CJ3 Interior

Legacy of Success

If you’re looking for a budget light jet option that won’t feel like you’re a sardine in a tin, this Citation CJ3 is a great place to start. This aircraft is more barebones than our other more luxe options, but it still meets the requirements for comfort, utility, and luxury. It features a beautiful leather interior that’s spacious for you and 5 others. Equipped with power outlets and a satellite phone, a businessperson can still conduct their work. With an ice bin and coffee pot, this aircraft is also perfectly suited for a solo or family vacation. At speeds of 480 mph and a range of 2,070 nautical miles, this aircraft is extremely multi-purposed, with plenty of amenities for comfort and utility, all while taking budget into consideration.

Simple and Safe

The Citation CJ3 is one of New Haven's safer jets. In its long history, there have been no fatal accidents; only a few nonfatal accidents that have been attributed to pilot error rather than an issue with the plane itself. Such a safety record is owed to the Citation CJ3's upholding of a tradition of simplicity.

At a Glance





Cargo Capable:


Manufacturing Year:

Interior Refurbished:

Exterior Refurbished:

Super light jet





300,000,000 USD




Flight Times From New Haven

2 Hours

3.5 Hours

34 Minutes

2 Hours

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