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King Air 200

King Air 200 Interior
King Air 200 Floor Plan

An Oldie But Goodie

The Super King Air 200 is one the the earlier brainchilds of Beechcraft. Being a turbo prop jet, it has the advantage of being faster, cheaper and more fuel-efficient than full-jet aircraft.

The Super King Air 200's lightweight frame also provides other advantages. It is quieter than other jets, allowing it in noise-restricted airports, plus only one pilot is required to fly it as opposed to two, and the pilot is not required to have an FAA type rating.

This King Air 200 comes with a lavatory with a certified lav seat, a coffee pot, Freon air conditioning, leather seats, a power outlet and pets are allowed onboard.

A Storied History

The King Air 200 flew its first flight in 1972 as a successor to the Model 100, and has been continuously produced since 1974. It has lasted longer than other civilian turbo prop craft.

Variants of the King Air 200 has even seen use in the military. The A200 series includes the C-12 Huron, which has been used as personnel transport.

At a Glance





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Flight Times From Detroit

1 Hours 48 Minutes

4 Hours 18 Minutes

1 Hours 30 Minutes

3 Hours 24 Minutes

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