Best Detroit Aircraft: Gulfstream G-V

Gulfstream G-V

Gulfstream G-V Interior
Gulfstream G-V Floor Plan

Special Performance

The Gulfstream G-V is among the newer of Gulfstream Aerospace's line of ultra long range business jets. Its Rolls-Royce engines give it a thrust of 15,385 lb, enabling it to fly from Chicago to Orlando in just an hour and a half at Mach 0.88.

The Gulfstream G-V also comes with a host of amenities. For entertainment, it has 110V outlets for keeping your devices charged, a television, a Blu-Ray player, CD player and a DVD player. It also comes with headsets, and an iPod station.

This jet makes no sacrifices for culinary needs. It comes with a full galley with a kitchen sink, a microwave oven warming oven, flatware, dishware, glassware, a convection oven and an ice bin.

And last but not least, the Gulfstream G-V has an enclosed lavatory with a sink, comfortable leather seats, Freon air conditioning, satellite phone, satellite radio and ground-based Wifi.

Built to Serve

The Gulfstream G-V has also seen use in the U.S. Air Force and other government services. Designated C-37A, this jet is used by the Coast Guard for transporting the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Commandant of the Coast Guard, while one unit is used by the U.S. Navy. This variant comes equipped with enhanced vision systems, enhanced weather radar, autopilot, and military communications equipment.

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Flight Times From Detroit

1 Hour 18 Minutes

2 Hours 44 Minutes

1 Hours 6 Minutes

2 Hour 18 Minutes

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