Best Denver Aircraft: Gulfstream G-200

Gulfstream G-200 Exterior

Gulfstream G-200 Interior

A Modest Jet

The Gulfstream G-200 is one of Gulfstream Aerospace's more modest jets. It was built to compete with other jets such as the Gulfstream G400. It's powered by two Pratt & Whitney engines, each providing 6,040 pounds of thrust. It can also climb to an altitude of 37,000 in nineteen minutes. Its maximum range of 3,400 miles make the Gulfstream G-200 the ideal jet for long trips.

The Gulfstream G-200 is also not without its fair share of amenities. It includes Wifi, a full galley with a microwave oven, a fully enclosed lavatory, a DVD and CD system, a wardrobe closet and a telephone.

Medium in Size, Big on Safety

This Gulfstream G-200 is one of Denver's safest jets. In May 2018, a runaway excursion caused the jet to break into two. The crew of two pilots and four passengers only suffered minimal injuries. That was one of only three safety incidents involving the Gulfstream G-200. In one of the others, the passengers and crew emerged unscathed, and both this incident and the one in China are believed to be pilot error rather than equipment malfunction.

At a Glance




Max Range:

Cruise Speed:

Cabin Height:

Cruise Altitude:


Cargo Capable:

Manufacturing Year:

Interior Refurbished:

Exterior Refurbished:

Midsize jet



3,400 miles

520 mph

6.3 ft.

45,000 ft.






Flight Times From Denver

3 Hours

2 Hours

2 hours

2 Hours

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